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Wanted to let you know the belt is fantastic. Between your adjustment and the belt, my pain is gone. So grateful! I'll keep you posted. - Barbara

Orthotics Testimonial: “I came in for back and ankle pain. Years ago, when in the navy I fell on a ladder and got my ankle caught in the ladder. I was told there was nothing I could do. Dr. Sykes put me in a pair of foot pad (custom foot orthotics). So far I have less pain in the ankle after 21 of the 45 day break in period.” – J.S.

Finding Dr. Sykes is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job helping her patients achieve true health. She has done more for me in one month than I ever dreamed possible. I highly recommend her! - Elaine

Dr Sykes did a great job with my daughter helping to relieve the tension in her neck that had been causing her headaches! - RS

“Several years ago, I noticed uncomfortable stinging and light burning in the bottoms of my feet. I attributed this to years of high heels, tech for 37 years and being ultra-active each day.

I had Dr. Sykes evaluate my situation, adjust my feet, Dr. Teta to administer acupuncture and my massage therapist at Myocare to therapeutically massage my both feet.

The feet seemed just perfect until I started being on them all day! Soccer practice with my grand nephews, cleaning, yard work, and walking all seems to take a toll. As I was telling Dr. Sykes about this slow recovery even with all the proactive things I was doing she said “I think I may have a solution!” She prescribed Foot Levelers®. They are inserts in the shoe, are fitted specifically by a foot mold and are supported by an arched structure that gives the foot stability yet supports the body.

I was amazed!! Within 2 weeks of adjusting to the orthotics I noticed that my balance was greatly improved. I knew this immediately because my balance has become so problematic that I could no longer do yoga.

I recommend Foot Levelers® for any person who wants to improve stability in the body and relieve the severe symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. - Candis, March 2, 2017

“Thank you so much for your compassion.”  – D. Lamar

“I have been under the care of Dr. Sykes for about 5 years and during that time she has helped my back issues tremendously.  She was able to correct the problems causing my pain and I am now on a maintenance program to be sure that my good back health continues.  I especially appreciate the fact that she really listens and then offers helpful suggestions.  Dr. Sykes is genuinely concerned about her patients’ total health and she has helped me with many other concerns as well.  My experience with Advance Chiropractic and Health Center has been a very positive one and I plan to continue for many years to come.”  –  N. Sheets

“I brought my 3 month old baby to Dr. Sykes’ office after dealing with acid reflux issues.  I tried everything I could try on my own, including modifying my diet (he was/is breastfed), feeding him upright, feeding him smaller/more frequent feedings, having him sleep propped up, using a pacifier and carrying him upright after feeding.  These things seemed to help for a while, but then he got to the point where he was screaming, throwing his head back and refusing to nurse at all because of the pain from the acid coming up in his throat.  In desperation, I took him to the pediatrician, who recommended an acid reflux medication to be administered twice daily until he was eight months old.  I didn’t feel comfortable with giving my baby this medication and started seeking another solution.  I took him to Dr. Sykes and in just one visit he was cured – no more symptoms at all, no more crying and screaming during and after feeding and no more refusing to nurse.  He is like a different child since our visit and I am so thankful to Dr. Sykes for her help.  She very gently adjusted him and also showed me some techniques I can do at home to continue to keep the reflux at bay.  He has been fine ever since and is now 5 months old and 17 pounds/28 inches in length.  I can’t thank Dr. Sykes enough for her help.” – C.  Gibietis

“Dr. Sykes is a wonderful healer and she doesn’t stop at physical treatment.  She treats the whole person…mind, body and spirit and I am walking, living proof that her methods work.  Thank you Dr. Sykes for giving me the ability to have the life I want.”  – J. Bason