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Do you experience headaches, fatigue, hunger, dry mouth, thirst, low urine output? How about, joint pain, mental fogginess, or dizziness?

All can be due to acute or chronic dehydration.

Water is essential to human life. It is the substance that all our body processes need in order to function. Water bathes our cells and transports nutrients to them. It is the main “solvent” in our bodies in which the energy creation and other essential processes occur. Water even helps supply some of the oxygen we need to keep going.

While you can get some water from the foods you eat and the beverages you drink, only pure water goes into the body without expending any energy so only pure water is readily available for immediate use by the body.

Yet many people drink little or no water. Thinking your body can function at 100% while depriving it of water would be like bathing in the same tub of water day after day, year after year. Not a pretty picture is it?

So why don’t people drink water? Most commonly people don’t like the taste of water. Pure water has no taste. Tap water often tastes nasty due to the chemicals added to make it “safe” and to prevent corrosion of community water lines.

In order to supply the body with the water it needs, one must drink purified water from a trusted source. It is also important to drink enough water, spaced throughout the day so your body and use it the best.

For more information on water and what are possible resources for creating inexpensive pure water at home, come by the office. We will be happy to help you get in the good water habit your body is craving.

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