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Have you ever walked out of your medical doctor’s office and wonder “How can they possibly know anything about my health?  They barely did anything.”

Or, maybe you’ve seen your MD and you aren’t happy with what they have recommended or what they have told you.

One of the problems with medical care in this country is that most MDs work for corporations who tell them what to do and how much time they have with each patients.  It’s no wonder we leave feeling that something has been left out.

Another problem is that care is based upon “standards,” and is not based on the individual.  If you see an MD for a condition, say Hypothyroid, they do one lab and give you a medication based on that one lab.  As long as your number on that lab falls into a broad range, they deem to OK, even if you are still having all your thyroid symptoms.  There is no consideration that maybe one person needs their thyroid working at a higher or lower level than someone else in order to feel well and express optimal health.

Would you like a different approach?

I don’t go to MDs. I want to be treated as an individual. I want to understand whatever is underlying whatever condition I have and I want to be able to express my full health potential.  I have no interest in just covering up my signs and symptoms with drugs.  And guess what – most of what medical doctors treat are signs and symptoms; from hypertension to hypothyroid as well as cholesterol problems, diabetes and depression.  There is always an underlying condition that is resulting in the expression of symptoms yet we are taught that our symptoms are our problem.  The medical dogma is to treat the symptoms, not the underlying problem.

This is why I have spent hundreds of hours as well as a significant amount of money studying the most up-to-date information about how the human body works and what we can do to look at the underlying cause of our problems as well as how to get the body to correct those problems through the use of lifestyle, eating habits and specific nutritional supplementation.

I would be honored to help you ward off chronic degenerative disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and Alzheimer’s by looking at how your body is functioning, rather than by treating a bunch of numbers.

Contact us today at 336-766-0888 to schedule your disease prevention consultation.  I’ll be honored to serve you and resolve the health care crisis one person at a time.

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