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Vacation can be an awesome time, but if something goes wrong, it can be miserable.  Here are some tips for avoiding some vacation pitfalls.

- Bring your own pillow.  You never know what kind of pillow is going to be at your destination.  The wrong pillow can literally be a pain in the neck.

- If you are renting a car or taking a long plane ride, a wedge shaped pillow for use in the car or plane seat can make a big difference in how your back feels when you arrive at your destination.

-Bring an “emergency supplement kit.”  There are several supplements I don’t leave home without.                   

             Andrographis.  Andrographis is an antimicrobial herb that I have found to be awesome for infections of all kinds, but especially of the upper respiratory tract.  Take one to two at the first sign or a problem, such as a sore throat or stuffy head.
Quercitin. Quercitin is a natural antihistamine.  Unless you are staying at home, you will probably be exposed to allergens your body is not used to.  One to four capsules a day can help you keep a clear head.

              Women should carry Cranberry Complex.  Cranberry Complex contains Uva Ursi in addition to Cranberry extract.  I have found cranberry complex to work well in cleansing the urinary tract in the case of urinary tract symptoms.

              Enzymes.  Digestive or proteolytic enzymes can both serve the same purpose.  Taken with a meal, they can help your digestion which can get a tad “off” when you are eating on vacation.  Taken on an empty stomach, enzymes can help you quickly heal from a strain or sprain. Take up to ten tablets or capsules as soon as you can after the injury had occurred.  Then take 4-6 tablets or capsules 4 to 6 times a day until the swelling or pain is a lot less.  You’ll be enjoying your vacation again quickly.

             Other items to consider: a small first aid kit, and ace bandage, filtering water bottles so you don’t have to keep buying water and Preparation H.  Preparation H can be used to lubricate squeaky door hinges in case of an emergency.  It saved my mom on a trip to Egypt when her hotel room mate would come in late and the squeaky door hinges would wake my mom.

After all, most of the time you go through extensive planning for your vacation, why not take a few minutes extra to be prepared for minor problems that can arise.

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