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Seasonal allergies can be treated without drugs.

Seasonal Allergies: They can be treated. Don’t cover them up with drugs.

Seasonal stressors such as increased pollen in the air and weather-changes can trigger seasonal allergies. Yet only a portion of the population suffer from this annoying condition. You might wonder why.

You have been lead to believe by the pharmaceutical industry that allergies are normal and that it is normal and perfectly safe to treat your allergy symptoms with medication.

The problem is NOT the allergens or the weather changes but rather, how your body responds to those stressors. And, the problem is NOT due to the body needing drugs.

Symptoms come about when the body is challenged in some way and cannot respond to the stressors easily. Sometimes there is weakness in one organ system, such as the liver which is the main organ responsible for detoxifying the body. Almost everything that enters our body, whether it is inhaled, eaten or absorbed through the skin, has to go through the liver to be either used by the body or eliminated. The other eliminative organs are the skin, the kidneys, the immune system, digestive system and the respiratory system which includes the throat, lungs and sinuses.

There are normal responses that can go over board. For example, if you inhale a cold virus, your immune system sends out special cells called phagocytes to eat up the virus. A normal response is production of mucous which can be expelled from the nose or throat. If the immune response goes overboard you might have an extreme amount of mucous production. If you are exposed to pollen the normal response is to trap it in the nose and to clear any that you do breathe in through the liver and kidneys. If the liver or kidneys are note working as well as they should you can get an allergy response in the form of sinusitis.

Does this mean you need to take drugs to resolve the problem? The short answer is “Probably not.” But ignoring the problem won’t help either, which is why we are here to help.

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There are numerous Natural Therapeutics that can help with sinus symptoms

1. Chiropractic Care

By normalizing the nerve message to the brain from the sinuses and other parts of the body, chiropractic adjustment can help the body restore normal function and over come the allergy response. While I didn’t suffer severely from sinuses problem prior to chiropractic care, I did sometimes take medication. After getting under care, I found that my symptoms were greatly reduced and never require medication now.

2. Reflexology

Working reflex point on the body can also improve the body response to allergens. There are different forms of reflexology with the most widely know form being foot reflexology. I use a specific form called Chiropractic Manipulative reflex technique (CMRT). CMRT involves normalizing the nerve responses between the organ and the spine as well as the brain by massaging and holding specific points on the body. Interestingly, many of these points are the same point that would be used in acupuncture.

3. ProAdjuster Sinus Protocol

A controlled mechanical impulse is applied to points on the face that correlate with the sinuses and improve the sinus function. I have seen patients with chronic sinus problems get excellent resolution in as few as 5 visits.

4. Nutritional Supplements

Specific supplements act to reduce the body’s histamine response ( which is how allergy medications work) without the potential hazards of medication. In addition to possibly causing drowsiness, antihistamine medication can interfere with the body’s production of Acetylcholine, a brain chemical responsible for memory consolidation. We are all at enough risk of dementia as it is so why add to it.

5. Nutritional and Lifestyle Care

You can support proper organ response through dietary and life style care, which may include identifying foods that trigger inflammation and using nutritional support for the organs. In additions, reducing the stress response, moderate exercise, avoiding alcohol in excess and not smoking cigarettes improve the body’s inflammatory response. Sometimes, cleaning up the environment by use of a high quality air purification system and even the use of a personal, wearable air purifier can help. I have friend whose dog had severe allergies until he got a high quality, 4 stage air purifier called a “Pure Air” by Vollara. A good air purifier in your home and office can help. Vollara also makes a wearable air purifier and a small unit that can be used intermittently in a room or your car.

Remember, allergies are not inevitable. We can help alleviate your symptoms without medicine. Click below to ask questions or schedule a consultation.

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