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How can you tell if you have a cold or flu? It can be very tricky. Both colds and influenzas can be caused by viruses. The chart from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) illustrates some of the differences. For all practical purposes, however, the treatment will be the same. Especially when symptoms begin it is most  effective to treat the situation with immediately Andrographis Complex.

When combined with the Congaplex, this usually resolves the cold or flu within 24 to 36 hours if the program is started at the initial onset of symptoms. In addition, getting adjusted can help boost your body’s ability to fight the cold or flu.

The medical approach to the flu is unreliable at best with the vaccine being ineffective up to 77% of the time.  In addition the duration and the severity of the flu is about the same, with and without medication.

But have no fear there are things you can do  The best way is to keep your immune system healthy with getting regular exercise without over doing it, consuming 3/4 of your diet as fresh vegetables and fruits, having a positive outlook on life and getting regular chiropractic care.

In addition there are herbs and supplements, such as astragulus, andrographis and boswellia that modulate your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Finally, if you do get symptomatic, there are supplements that we carry in our office that can help you get over your cold or flu FAST!  Call us at 336-766-088 to find out more.


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