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So what is a “good” diet and what supplements should someone take?  Basically I recommend that the diet be ½ to 3/4 fresh fruits and vegetable with twice as many vegetables as fruit, ¼ or so quality, lean protein, such as chicken, fish and meat and a small amount of fats.  You’re probably wondering, where are the grains?  I thought we were supposed to eat grains!  The over consumption of grains in the country has been associated with the increase in inflammation, overweight, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.  So grains should be strictly avoid when dealing with any of those issues, and should be eaten sparingly by “healthy” individuals.  

As far as supplementation goes, taking a quality, food based vitamin, cold processed omega 3, vitamin D3, anti-oxidant, such as grape seed extract and a balance of calcium and magnesium can be extremely helpful because unfortunately our food is not as nutritious as nature intended.  For specific conditions, it is best to workto come in and discuss your concerns with me.  I have specific nutritional training and am continually learning more in order to figure out what is best for you.  

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